10+ Amazing UI Designs

As a web designer, it is your job to provide the best user experience (UX) ever. While “…user experience encompasses all aspects of the end-user’s interaction with the company, its services and its products…”, we can all agree that great user interface (UI) plays a huge role in providing the ultimate user experience.

In today’s post, we will unveil more than ten (10) amazing UI designs for your inspiration. All the designs we will uncover are perfect for your next design project, but remember the original designers deserve all the credit for their awesome work. Enjoy to the very end and don’t forget to share your thoughts with us in the comment section at the end 🙂 .



Cultured Code have done a great job with their user interface. As soon as you get to the Things landing page, you will know Things is a “…delightful and easy to use task manager…” for Mac. The design is uncluttered and makes use of cleverly placed elements to speak volumes about Things. Moreover, the UI uses the familiar Mac interface, a great background and an awesome navigation menu to provide an user experience like no other.



Coinbase, the world’s most popular bitcoin wallet, uses amazing visuals, plenty of white space and flat design elements to create a user interface that’s eye-catching and professional. With over two (2) million consumer wallets, we can argue their UI design converts pretty well.



MailChimp puts the fun and energy into email marketing, what with their one-of-a-kind modern UI. Simplicity reigns supreme here, but that does not stop these guys from adding a great demo smack in the center of the homepage. The images are awesome and the overall UI design exceptional you will just want to click the clearly displayed CTA’s. Once logged in, you will love the user interface of your dashboard.

Less Made


Jared Erickson of Less Made takes flat UI design and minimalism to a whole new level. Plenty of white space, a relaxed navigation menu and two shades of color is everything Jared needed to send your creative genius into a frenzy. Now, can you think of a better UI design that focuses on the most important things?

Campaign Monitor: Worldview


Campaign Monitor: Worldview allows you to track the performance of your email newsletters in real time. Easily see who clicked, opened, liked, tweeted, or shared your emails on a world map. This tool gives you the chance to “…get to know your subscribers, where they’re based and what they’re saying about you.” The welcome page features great UI design that focuses entirely on the tool. One look at this design and you won’t be left wondering what the site is all about.

Built by Buffalo


Buffalo is a mid-size web design agency located in Brighton, United Kingdom. If their UI design is anything to go by, these are the guys you want behind your next design project. The user interface is simple and uses a great navigation menu and awesome flat images. The homepage is beautifully designed and features customer proof and social indicators as well as contact details. The user experience quotient of this design shoots through the roof!



Apparently, flat design and great UI seem to go hand in hand. Have your doubts? Just look at LayerVault user interface, which uses animated videos, flat images and plenty of white space to deliver an exceptional user experience.



Built on a compelling grid-based UI design, you won’t doubt Grid’s ability to help you keep your projects and life organized. The Grid website spots a great UI design that makes use of flat design and hand-drawn images among other elements. The Grid app is available for iOS on the App Store.

Darwin Newton


Leave it to the French to surprise you when you least expect it. I mean, who else can make a yellow background look great? The UI design is unique and eye-catching to say the least. On top of that, the navigation menu is like none I’ve seen before. One look at the project section will tell you these guys have UI design at the fingertips.

Julian Bialowas


Everybody, give it up for Julian Bialowas, a Montreal-based photographer and product designer who (obviously) understands the place of great imagery in providing great UI and UX. Julian’s portfolio site is like no other, and even without trying too hard, Julian will immediately draw your attention to his fantastic work. Great UI design Julian, great pictures, great execution and an awesome site design.

Google Maps API


Brought to you by the search engine giant, Google Maps API is “…more than a map for your apps.” With six (6) categories – Base Maps, Street View, Satellite, Places, Data Visualization and Routing, you get all the power you need to super-charge your apps. Google does not disappoint, so the UI design work on this API is out of this world. Featuring large HD imagery, great animations, beautiful flat icons, and even videos, the UI design leaves nothing to imagination.



HubSpot provides sales software and inbound marketing solutions to more than 11.5K companies spread across seventy (70) countries all over the globe. For a company that specializes in inbound marketing, their UI design is spot on. Not a word more.

At the end of the day…

…there are many other awesome UI designs out there. Our goal is to get your creative juices flowing with this short but nifty list. Seen other heart-warming UI designs on the web? Please share with us in the comments!

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