10 Amazing Mobile HTML Templates

In an increasingly fast paced world, there is a pressing need to stay connected 24 x 7 and accomplish tasks on the go. With the increasing popularity in mobile media, the world rests in your palm. Any decent website must support handheld mobile devices.

There are many developers who have taken note of this trend and are developing appropriate website templates. One can either choose a responsive theme and adapt it for use across devices or a mobile specific theme that can give total control over the way the site is accessed on mobile devices. A few HTML templates that have been designed with mobiles and tablets in mind.

Drag – Mobile & Tablet Responsive Template


A neat template for many for smartphones, Drag is both mobile and tablet compatible. While it includes some App specific features and 27 page templates, Drag’s highlight is a feature that it is enabled with left, right or dual sidebar navigation.

Slidebox – Mobile & Tablet Responsive Template


Slidebox promises a fast and pleasant experience on a template specially designed for mobile devices. Well suited for tablets also, Slidebox is PhoneGap and Cordova ready so that you can build your own App. It is built on jQuery which means you can avoid complicated coding, it comes loaded with Google Fonts and is touch & swipe ready.

Around – Mobile & Tablet Responsive Template


Around is well designed and gives an instant facelift to a webpage on any mobile device. It features a simple scrollable modal menu that allows viewers to glance through the pages without being blocked out by the menu.

Glovebox – Mobile & Tablet Template


Glovebox is quite similar to the above template and boasts high definition graphics. The theme promises intuitive interaction with the pages in a highly touch optimized environment. Glovebox can also help you create stylish homepage icons with just a few clicks of the button.

Mobix – HTML Mobile Template


Mobix is a mobile theme that lays claims to being very user friendly. It comes in many color options and includes many pages and sections, including photograph and video pages. The 3D transitions are a useful feature when it comes to displaying more than just words.

minio – HTML Mobile Template


A template that adapts to any mobile resolution and offers multiple designs is minio. It offers a choice of left or right panel options. Login and social share panels are included, as are forms, tabs, toogles and many more page elements.

Vibrant- A super-sharp template for touch devices


Vibrant gives the mobile devices a very unique look and works well not only with iOS, android and Windows devices, but is also compatible with desktop browsers such as Chrome, Safari, Opera, Firefox, Internet Explorer. It’s USP however is the quick editing that is possible, if you need to add an item in the menu, you simply have to make a single change in the dedicated menu file. The change will be carried over the entire website, without having to go to every single page to effect the change.

Nightly – A Bold jQuery Mobile Template


Nightly is a jQuery based mobile theme that promises a great experience for developing apps.It works well across multiple browsers and devices and is compatible with most popular plugins.

Oceam – Mobile & Tablet Template


Designed for mobile devices, Oceam however manages to give a full screen experience. It can invite users with an impressive logo for your website and then full screen navigation is just a swipe away.

blinds – Mobile HTML/CSS Portfolio Template


Blinds, a fairly simple mobile template. It includes 12 page templates and 6 color schemes. It is HiDPI ready, which means that it looks real sharp on any display screen.

There you have it – 10 awesome mobile HTML templates to get your website up and running super fast. Did we miss your favorite? Leave a comment below and let us know!

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