10 Retina Ready Social Media Icon Sets

Retina ready designs are becoming more of a necessity as more and more devices upgrade to higher quality screens. It’s only a matter of time until retina screens are an industry standard, and you should make sure your designs are ready.

One design element you can’t forget is social icons. How will users tweet, like, and otherwise share content if you don’t add-in social links to your creations? Retina device screens display twice as many pixels as a typical screen does, so to include social icons that display at 64px in your website, app, or other design projects you would need to use 128px icons. This means that the social icon set you choose must include retina and regular icons or be infinitely scalable.

We’ve done the work and found 10 pixel perfect retina ready icon sets (or vectors that can easily be scaled to retina sizes) for your creations. Even better, they’re all FREE resources. So take a look below and go get your design on!



One of the most recognized icon sets, Font Awesome is a fantastic and free option that is infinitely scalable.

Dark Round Social Icons


This set of round social icons comes in both bright colors and dark opacity. This way you can pick and choose which color you like, or combine hte two options and use one as the hover,

Popular Square Social Icons


This is a nice and traditional squae icon set perfect for adding to headers, footers or even sidebars.

Sunday Glyphs Social Icons


The Sunday Glyphs are a lovely little set of social icons that can easily be manipulated to match the color or size needed for your design.

Obox Social Icon Pack


Obox’s social icons are a great option for adding colorful social icons.

Flat Social Media Icons


Authentic Themes offer lots of great WordPress theme, but they have some equally awesome resources too. Get this free set of flat social icons for a bold and modern design.

Square Social Icons


If you’re in the market for icons with gradients look no further than this set of perfectly shaded square social icons.

Picons Social Icons


Picons are another option to consider, especially if you’d rather use an image instead of a font, since they are minimal and available for all the top social sites

FontFabric Social Icons


FontFabric includes icons with or without backgrounds to give you extra design options.

Iconify.it Social Icons


Iconify.it has loads of great icons available. Just browse through over 600 vector icons (most are freebies!).

With these social icons at your fingertips, there’s no reason not to add them to your next retina ready design. If we missed any good ones let us know in the comments below!

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