15+ Free Branding PSD Mockup Designs

Every business needs stuff – pens, letterhead, brochures, or maybe even boxes, bags, USBs, and more. So they go out and hire you – the designer. Showing a flat image to your clients isn’t always productive. They can’t see how the image will wrap around a particular product, or see the approximate size of one design compared to the next. That’s why there are mockups for all kinds of products, stationary and promotional items. Even better, there are loads of free resources out there just waiting to be downloaded. Checkout some of our favorite free stationary and product mockups below.


Stationary & Branding Mockup Kit



Snag this awesome freebie from Pixeden for your letterhead, business card, and envelop designs. This way clients can get an idea of what their memos and various stationary will look like with the branding options you’ve created.

Original M Stationary Mockup


The Original M is a lovely little stationary mockup set that has all the basics for you to present logo and brand designs to customers. Simply add in your designs, and you’re ready to show off your hard work to your clients with mockups that resemble professional photography.

4 Branding Mockup Kits


That’s right, not one but four unique brandable stationary mockup sets are available over on GraphicBurger. Each includes different stationary mockups that you can use to mix and match the perfect set of products to show off your branding to clients.

Complete Stationary Mockup


This simple but cheery stationary mockup is an excellent way to give clients a closer look at your work. Just add in your designs and show clients realistic papers, cards and brochures for them to look over.

Corporate Identity Kit


A great kit full of branding opportunities. Blugraphic created this template with plenty of options for you to add in logos, seals, certification, company mission statements, and more to give to clients instead of a flat image.

Brandable Corporate Idendity Mockup


This sweet kit has tons of stationary and mobile mockup options. Show clients what their letterhead, business cards, and online documents will look like in the real world.

Promotional Items

100 PSD MockUps


This impressive set of 100 mockups is comprehensive and easy to use. Just create your design (up to 12,400 x 9,300) and run the action for your selected product to create your psd. From here you cna customize the product with shadows, filters and other tweaks to get the exact look and feel you want.

Product Mockups


PSDCovers are the masterminds behind the massive 100 product pack listed above, and if you head over to their site your can find lots more goodies to play with. The best part is that you can download only the actions or vectors that you need right now and find products that fit the needs of your current projects.

Book Mockups


A picture is worth a thousand words, so a picture on the cover of a book must be worth at least twice that. Showcase your (or a client’s) upcoming book, ebook or even tutorials using this awesome set of book mockups. This gives you a great idea of what your cover will look like before it goes to print, or could be used as a part of the final draft for an online product.

Flyer Mockups


Create realistic flayer and brochure mockups with this free set of templates from Blugraphic. Most storefronts have information packets or flyers to hand out at their front desk, and to be sure they love your design before they commit it’s great to be able to show clients a 3D example of exactly how their flyers will look.

Identity Design Mockups


Snag this flat brand identity mockup set by Utopia. This kit has lots of great stationary and promotional item mockups to help you showcase your branding designs to your clientele. Just use eps file to pic and choose which mockups you need and add your custom branding.


DBH Design Guide

Screen Shot 2013-11-07 at 9.35.37 PM

Get your hands on an awesome set of t-shirt mockups. DBH has a complete kit that includes 15 t-shirt colors, with each color on a model so you can actually see how your design will look. This is a great tool for displaying clothing designs with multiple color variations to clients so they can see them side by side.

T-Shirt Mockup Template


Pixeden is home to lots of great free (and premium) psd resources, so naturally they have a great psd mock-up for a t-shirt. Get this little freebie to show off your designs.

T-Shirt Template


Sometimes all you need is a simple vector to show rough drafts to customer. Snag this free t-shirt template on DeviantArt to start sizing up your t-shirt graphics and design layouts.

T-Shirt Mockup PSD Files


This high-res t-shirt mockup from Wegraphics is great for displaying stacks of your potential products to your potential clientele. Just drop in your designs on a smart layer and let the psd do the rest.

T-Shirt Color Guide


If you’re designing t-shirts, at some point you’re going to end up with a client who wants to use the tried and true American Apparel cotton t’s. use this awesome t-shirt color guide psd from DeviantArt to get each and every color right when creating your designs.

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