30 Amazing Examples of WordPress Websites

When I started using WordPress, I had no idea I could do so much with the platform. Originally just a blogging platform, WordPress has evolved into a fully-fledged content management system (CMS) you can use to power any type of website. It’s quite popular, the platform, in that many businesses – large and small – as well as prominent personalities love and use it. I’m not making this stuff up, and these thirty (30) examples of WordPress-powered websites are my proof.


We will kick off with our very own WDExplorer.com. WDExplorer, which “…was created to share news, resources, inspiration and tutorials related to web design…” is built and runs on WordPress. If you look around, you will see the awesomeness of WordPress not only as a blogging tool but also a CMS.


This Is Your Kingdom (thisisyourkingdom.co.uk) is a great reflection of the power of WordPress. The website is dedicated to discovering and sharing lovely things to see and do in the United Kingdom (UK). Designed by Katie Marcus and developed by Kim Lawler, This Is Your Kingdom demonstrates WordPress’ abilities to scale up and adapt to the needs of multiple users.



If you would like to see simplicity and design intuitiveness at work, find a second and check out I Shot Him. Built on WordPress, the site combines new web technologies with extensibility of WordPress to create a captivating and sophisticated look.

We are a studio that learns as we go. When we first started learning how to develop sites, our resources all pointed to WordPress as the quickest and most useful route…We’ve looked into a few other opportunities but none of them have convinced us to convert. – Micheal Jeter, co-founder.


Named Site Of The Day (SOTD) in April 2014 by Awwwards, Ghosthorses is a visually appealing and powerful portfolio site of Stephen Fairbanks. From the look of things, Stephen Fairbanks has really brought out the power of WordPress through Ghosthorses.


According to their About page, “E&E is a small dedicated team of designers, developers…” and “…we usually work within the music industry, but not always.” They love making complicated ideas come across as simple and have built their one of a kind website on WordPress. More simplicity for them!

We find WordPress to be incredibly flexible, whether we’re developing a portfolio site or full blown artist websites.” – Austin Mauger, co-founder.


Circa is a beautiful restaurant located on 2 Acland Street, Melbourne, Australia. No, I haven’t been down there but their distinctively crafted WordPress website speaks volumes about the restaurant. Circa.com.au is a great WordPress site that gives you a great mental picture of the tasteful restaurant behind it. On their landing page, you will get everything from recipes, offers, reviews and directions amongst other things.



Apart from making great automobiles, Ford has created a WordPress social site where fans can share stories, pictures and even ideas. It’s a simple site, but it packs quite a punch in terms of functionality. See, as we said, big brands love WordPress too.


The one-stop online shop for premium WordPress themes and plugins, WooThemes, runs on the beloved WordPress platform. You must really live under a rock if you’ve never heard of WooThemes (or even Woocommerce) but that’s besides the point. When you visit Woothemes.com, you will immediately tell WordPress is a great platform to set up and run a fully-fledged ecommerce store.


If you’re doubting the capabilities of WordPress to adapt to new web technologies, you haven’t seen Design The Planet’s website. One look at this top-of-the-class website will convince you to hire DtP for your branding needs. But how did they create such a compelling online presence? They chose WordPress first. A great sense of style came second and played a huge part in their design. Don’t forget to check out their funny sheep illustrations.



Are you a fan of double ‘O’ seven? If you’re a fan of James Bond, you will be delighted to know that the official Agent 007 website runs on WordPress. Isn’t that just awesome? I mean, 007 is a great movie brand that has given us awesome action flicks since time immemorial. Now they have an impressive online presence that runs on the awesome WordPress platform. Awesomeness galore.


Allow me to reveal some of Usain’s accolades:

  • World’s fastest man
  • 8 times world champion
  • 3 times Laureus World Sportsman of the Year
  • 6 times Olympic champion
  • Triple world record holder
  • Runs on WordPress 🙂

Oh yes, the fastest man on the planet runs (his website) on WordPress. The site features a brilliant parallax slider, great graphics and a Pinterest-like WordPress theme design. Just like Usain, WordPress hardly disappoints.


If CBS New York’s website does not convince you WordPress is indeed more than just a blogging platform, I have no idea what will. CBS New York pushes a plethora of news, weather reports, travel tips, subscriptions and so much more effortlessly thanks to WordPress. By the way, did you know CNN.com runs on WordPress too? That’s right, CNN.com runs on WordPress.com VIP package.


The massive HBR Blog network runs on the powerful WordPress CMS. The lovingly designed HBR blog network is updated multiple times daily and features collaborating authors, subscriptions, social sharing and Disqus comments among other heavy features. WordPress was also made for heavy-duty functions.



It’s no secret, big brands have the WordPress fever and have it bad. aMC, the guys who brought us Breaking Bad, MadMen and The Walking Dead among others can’t get enough of WordPress, and have built their enormous online network around the platform. Even with tons and tons of content, which includes full episodes and heavy graphics, the website loads fast – one of the many benefits of WordPress.


As a web developer, when you hear online news magazine, you immediately think of volumes and volumes of news, subscriptions, glossy ads, et cetera, et cetera. You think of huge dynamic websites that are difficult to develop and maintain. However, WordPress makes it all the more possible for Time.com. With a fully responsive WordPress theme, Time.com delivers maximally across all devices.

Long live WordPress.com VIP! Other WordPress.com VIP clients include:

This thing WordPress. It’s everywhere. People have started paying attention. It’s embarrassing and at about eighty (80) million sites, it has taken over 8% of the Internet kingdom. – Unknown.



You must have visited Mashable.com at least severally. No? Well, Mashable is a responsive WordPress website best known for its interesting social media news and a cutting-edge blue/white design. At Mashable, WordPress delivers the payload (in this case, the content) and HTML5 + CSS3 controls the aesthetics and performance. Mashable uses WordPress to strike the right balance between aesthetics and functionality.


Bonjour? Coca-cola France is a beautiful and simple WordPress website that channels the visitors’ attention to the content.. Great color, great dimensions – it’s all about “opening happiness.” WordPress, code is indeed poetry.


Spotify is currently unavailable in my country but that doesn’t mean it’s not a great WordPress website. I checked out the international version, so I know what I’m talking about 🙂 When its finally available in my neck of the woods, I hope to get access to millions of old and modern contemporary songs. That’s what Spotify is doing with WordPress.


Icondock is a well-designed WordPress website that offers you over 2,000 vector and pixel icons from twelve (12) icon sets.  Once you get to the website, you are met with a brilliant landing page that is straight to the point. Icondock took WordPress and created a simple website that works effectively.


eBay.com controls a huge chunk of online shopping. They sell electronics, cars, fashion, collectibles, coupons among other things. Anything you can think of, they have it. eBay Inc, eBay’s sister brand, maintains a wonderful blog built on the ever powerful WordPress platform. With a simple WordPress theme, eBay Inc managed to strike the perfect balance between content delivery and design usability.



cPanel, the good guys who brought us the popular cPanel that is used to administer many web hosting accounts, run their integrated website on WordPress. While their WordPress theme doesn’t appear to be responsive, this website shows you the much you can extend WordPress to accommodate your various needs.


Surprised to see Forbes.com on this list? Forbes, a leading source of fresh business news, runs their massive and regularly-updated website on WordPress. They took advantage of WordPress.com VIP package and a single glance at Forbes.com will show you they got a great deal.


Popular pop singer Katy Perry had to get some WordPress action too! Icon Interactive, the developers behind Katy’s mammoth of a website, combined WordPress with parallax scrolling, dynamic backgrounds and storytelling to create a one of a kind website that speaks volumes about the Roar star.



TechCrunch is your everyday source of the “…latest technology news and information on startups.” That’s according to WordPress.com. It’s a huge website with a massive following debunking the myths that WordPress isn’t scalable or suitable for commercial use.


Samsung is a leading electronics and home appliance brand. Samsung Camera is the branch of Samsung producing high-end cameras. Samsungcamera.com is their online extension showcasing their extensive range of cameras. With over eleven (11) million Facebook fans, WordPress must work really hard for this simple, yet resourceful website.


You’ve probably bought a camcorder, phone or any other electronic product from Best Buy at least once. If you haven’t, Best Buy invites you to “…experience the ultimate showroom…” as seen on their website. One thing you most certainly don’t know is Best Buy relies on WordPress MU to power over 1,000 local store blogs and their informative mobile store.



According to WordPress.com, “Boing Boing is billed the world’s greatest neurozine.” This famous blog runs on WordPress and publishes brilliant stories on culture, science, technology etc.


Viewport Industries specializes in creating digital and analogue products for people who make a living on the web.

I’ve used WordPress for years and have developed a way of working that means it’s easy to get up and running with a new theme. – Keir Whitaker, co-founder.


Who would have guessed blogging would work for a download website? Certainly not me, but download.com went ahead and put the power of WordPress to test. The result: A great WordPress blog that doesn’t disappoint one bit.


If you seek to understand WordPress, you will learn a great deal from the WordPress professionals who post WordPress tutorials and tips at WPExplorer, a WordPress website dedicated to everything WordPress.

Over to you…

These are just thirty (30) amazing examples of WordPress websites. There are millions of other WordPress websites our there, some of which deserve to be on this list. If you feel your WordPress site should be on this list, shoot us a line the comments and we will slot you in.

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