15 Amazing Examples of Website Using Parallax Scrolling

Parallax scrolling is one of the hottest web trends in town. Thanks to HTML5 and CSS3, web designers can now create faux-3D effects using parallax scrolling. That’s right, we can now create the resemblance of 3D depth in our browsers. Sweet, huh?

If you’re still wondering, parallax scrolling involves the foreground moving at a faster rate to the background. Things can turn ugly if you overuse this technique, but the following fifteen (15) websites utilize parallax scrolling to good effect,



Wondering the much you can achieve with parallax scrolling? Technology giant Sony created a one of a kind parallax scrolling website for their Be Moved campaign and the results are nothing short of intriguing. You have to see it to believe it.



Parallax scrolling suits every type of website as evinced by krystalrae.com, a company dedicated to creating clothes with daring patterns for the confident woman looking to stand out.

Pressels [Dream Pretzels]


Pretzel meets parallax scrolling in this state of the art design affair. The website utilizes a predominantly black background and simple navigation menu that changes color as your scroll. The main genius of this design is how the designers employed parallax scrolling to create an appetizing pretzels experience.

Activate Drinks

activate drinks

The company famed for providing a variety of drinks enriched with vitamins took the online world by storm with their top of the class website. The website utilizes parallax scrolling to create 3D elements that look absolutely refreshing.

You Waste A Lot of Time At Work [Atlassian]


The era of rigid infographics is over, and the You Waste A Lot of Time At Work infographic by Atlassian is proof enough. Atlassian implemented parallax scrolling to create a fun and engaging infographic aimed at improving productivity at work.

Make Your Money Matter

make your money matter

As a hardworking and responsible person, you want to make your money matter at all times. Makeyourmoneymatter.org uses parallax scrolling to encourage users to save money with credit unions as opposed to banks. I must admit their campaign is really working at least in my case. You might end up parallax scrolling your savings to a credit union :).



Crowned site of the day by Awwwards, whiteboard.is uses a combination of video backgrounds and parallax scrolling to create a website that oozes personality and professionalism.

Q Music | Titanic


Would you like to learn a few facts about Titanic, the legendary ship that sunk in 1912? See how designers from Pure Communication built a marvelous storybook using parallax scrolling.



The healthcare industry was quick to jump on the parallax scrolling trend as well. Tinke, a “…fitness and wellness tracker that measures your heart rate, respiratory rate and blood oxygen…” among other things is presented to your in a vibrant parallax scrolling website.

Carnation Group


Looking for a parallax scrolling site that jumps out at you? Carnation Group puts together parallax scrolling, a great sense of design and colorful graphics to create an extraordinary work of art.



Don’t let the pretty lady in the picture throw you off, Putzengel is a professional cleaning company. They utilize parallax scrolling to create a visually appealing website that has bagged several design awards.

The Lab

the lab

See parallax scrolling in its full glory on Alzheimer’s Research UK’s state of the art website. The site has received a special mention award from Awwwards and a science communication award from amrc. The website is intuitive, colorful and features a great design.

Smart USA

smart usa

It might be a while before electric cars could phase out their fossil fuel counterparts but that hasn’t stopped Smart USA – an electric car dealer – from embracing web technologies of the future. Smart USA uses parallax scrolling to create a one of a kind website that might convince you to switch to an electric car.

Space Needle


Explore Seattle skywards and check out the unique sights and landmarks that define this city. Not your typical website; you have to scroll up.

Peugeot HYbrid4


To promote their new HYbrid4 technology, Peugeot have used parallax scrolling to create an amazing web comic. The comic plays as you scroll down but you can take advantage of the autoplay feature.

Over to you…

With that Peugeot HYbrid4 web comic, we put an end to this list. We just covered fifteen (15) amazing examples of parallax scrolling to get the ball going. Please share more examples in the comments. See you around 🙂


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