15 Amazing and Free Web Fonts

They are amazing. They are stylish. They have personality. And above all, they are all 100% free! Continue reading and you will discover fifteen (15) amazing fonts to use in your designs today, tomorrow and many more days to come.

Crimson Text
If you understand the place of great typeface in web design, you will want to grab yourself some Crimson Text. Designed by Sebastian Kosch, Crimson Text is a refined and well proportioned serif font that will suit many of your applications.

This free font “…was created as a personal project inspired by the legendary Helvetica design” but you probably figured that out already. If you love yourself some Helvetica, Hipstelvetica is worth checking out.

Loki Cola
Which came first? The beverage or the font? Loki Cola is the font used on Coca-Cola logo. You don’t need to pick up a coke bottle (or can) right now, Loki Cola is quite a stylish font to forget. Would you like some Coke Loki Cola?

Cast Iron
Greetings Cowboy, Looking to give your next design that wild wild west look and feel? C,mon, you know what I mean. You know, that old west style? Well, we fetched ye a font just for that. Cast Iron will make your design fine as cream gravy. What are you waiting for matey? Get a wiggle on and download this free font.

Chunk Five
Are your displays lacking oomph? If you said yeeeah or are unsure, your typeface probably sucks. Allow me to present you a great solution. If your displays lack gusto, you need Chunk Five, an ultra bold font that will add energy to your displays among other projects.

Silver Fake
Really? Silver Fake is a font? Well, this all-caps font will help you to add some classical style to your designs. It looks old, but you know what they say, old is gold. In other words, Silver Fake is a contemporary slab font, which should mean something if you know your fonts well. Even if you don’t care about such details, please feel free to download Silver Fake.

With eight (8) styles and a bold yet relaxed look, Amble will make your believe in free font utopia. The free license allows you to:

  • Create commercial documents and graphics on your desktop and applications using the font
  • Embed Amble in your designs using CSS

Van Helsing
Okay, I will admit it. This typeface made it to this list because I loved Van Helsing, the horror movie. It scared me much. Haha. Transylvania baby 🙂 Theater aside, Van Helsing is bold and sharp and would be a great choice for many a design.

Look Up
This typeface is quite common on lists around the web. It’s playful, what with little arrows at the edge of every letter. It’s available in upper and lower cases and would be suitable (in my opinion) for projects geared towards kids.

I wouldn’t have imagined a font going by this title, but here it is and it’s pretty and kinda cool. Kilogram was based on Anagram, a font designed by Nick Curtis. What say ye? Want a Kilogram for a font? We’ve got you covered.

Five Minutes
How many shots of Russian vodka can you do in five minutes? Sorry, you don’t imbibe? My bad. Oleg Zhuravlev from Moscow has a nice little surprise for you. Five Minutes is a free handwriting typeface that will give your designs personality and warmth. It will look absolutely goot wit’ freehand drawings.

League Gothic
If you let the title throw you off, you just might miss out on a terrific typeface. Firstly, I haven’t used terrific to describe any other font in this post. Secondly, League Gothic doesn’t look gothic. Thirdly, it’s the result of the combined efforts of Morris Fuller Benton, Dannci, Tyler Finck and Micah Rich. It’s a stellar font no doubt.

What a name for a lively font such as this? Margot is quite vibrant, and as a result, suitable for a wide range of designs. This typeface was designed by Adria Gomez and ships with a variety of options.

This beautiful all-caps typeface was designed by Christopher J. Lee. It’s condensed, contains six (6) font weights, which makes it suitable for titles and headlines.

Base 02
Base 02 is a dirty all-caps typeface designed by SteroType. Looks good and may help you to achieve the rugged urban look in your designs.

More fonts…

Come on man, just fifteen fonts? There are thousands (if not millions) of other sweeeet fonts out there. Here is a list of font resources:

Over to you…

Know of any other amazing font? Hit us up in the comments and we will add it to this list. Muchas gracias amigo!

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