How To Find Awesome Logos For Any Budget

One very big part of building your brand is your logo. You’re going to use it on your website, as your social media profile image, as your business avatar, on all your stationary and more. Basically that thing is goign to be everywhere so that your readers, customer, followers and anyone else starts to recognize your logo and associate it with you.

When finding or creating a log there are lots of options ranging from free to very expensive. No matter what your budget, we’ve listed some great logo options below. Check them out then get out there and get your logo!

FontAwesome: Free Icons For Logos


Just want a super simple logo? Checkout FontAwesome. With 430+ free font icons you’ll probably find something that will work for you. Just take a look. Another free icon option would be IconFinder – just use the filter for “free” (although you’ll probably also want to search with the filter for “vector” so you can resize the icon easily).

LogoInstant: Free Logos


LogoInstant has some of the nicest free logos I’ve seen. They’re all high quality and cover a variety of industries. Best of all, you can use their logos for yourself or your business free of charge (just give LogoInstant credit somewhere on your site). They also offer premium logos which, if they catch your eye, only cost $19 per year for access to the LogoInstant club which is still very affordable for a logo.

Fiverr: $5 Logo Design Packages


Want a logo fast and for the price of a venti latte – try Fiverr. There are tons of users who want to make you a logo for $5. Just remember that these are probably going to be stock logos tweaked to match your needs, and you are not going to get a fully custom vectorized logo for just $5. But you will get a logo you want for a very reasonable price.

Graphic River: $29 Stock Logos


If you need a logo now Graphic River is a great place to look. There are currently 29,000+ logos to choose from all around the $29 price point. When you purchase a logo through Graphic River you’ll receive a resizable vector that you can use in an unlimited number of ways for a single project. So go crazy and add it to your website, your business cards and coffee cups.

Design Contest: Custom Logo Design For Any Price!

Design Contest: Custom Logo Design

At Design Contest you can create a contest for designers to create your logo. Just use their simple online form to submit information, set a bounty and start your logo contest. Then as designers submit their entries you can view and provide feedback. In the end you pick an awesome winning logo and the designer gets paid. It’s a super easy process to get a completely custom logo for your budget!

99Designs: Custom Logos For $300+


99Designs is a great service where you fill out an logo application and then select a package (ranging from $300 to $1200) to create a bounty for your logo. Based on your package you’ll receive 30-90 designers on the 99Designs marketplace will submit logos for you to review. Just pick your favorite and that designer wins your fee! And all their designers are so talented you’re sure to end up with a fantastic logo.

GoDaddy: Logo Design For $500+


GoDaddy is basically a one stop shop for all your business needs. Seriously. You can get your domain, hosting, web design services, e-commerce design, email packages, productivity tools and you can even get logo designs. Just send them some logos you admire, complete you consultation and then they’ll send over 3 designs for you to choose from. The whole process should only take 7 days – which is quick turnaround for a custom logo.

Dribbble: Custom Logo Designs


If you want a custom logo and you have an idea in mind you might want to try contacting a designer you admire on Dribbble. Many of the artists and designers on Dribbble are for hire, all you have to do is shoot them an email and see if they can work with you budget. Just keep in mind that each artist will be different and operate on a different schedule.

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