The Best Responsive Website Testing Tools

When developing themes, plugins, or add-ons for any website or CMS it’s crucial that your creations work on any device. Responsive and mobile design is a must-have, but who really has the time or the cash to buy one of every phone, tablet and computer out there? that’s where responsive testing tools come in! These tools let you test out your product on various screens, devices, and orientations without having to leave your desk. We’ve rounded up some of the very best responsive testing tools on the web and listed them for you below in a nice neat package. Just pick your favorite (or bookmark a few) and get testing!

Note: These are in no particular order and we’ve found them all to be useful!

The Responsinator


With a name like Responsinator you can be sure this tester does its job. Type in your web address and hit enter, then scroll down the page to see your site or other creation on some of hte most commonly used tech devices around.

iPad/iPhone Peek


Checkout your project on the iPad and iPhone without having to buy either. iPad/iPhone Peek is a cost effective way to see how your code looks and acts on these highly popular Apple products.

Mobile Phone Emulator


The Mobile Phone Emulator is just what it sounds like – it allows you to see your designs on different phones. First select your monitor size so this site can accurately display a life size phone. Then choose your phone, browser and orientation to test.

Responsive PX


Responsive PX keeps it simple and lets you try different screen sizes by pixels. The massive grid also has the option to show or hide your scroll-bar to get a more accurate idea of where your design break points are.



Screenfly is a great option for testing your responsive work. Choose from a variety of devices, toggle them to change the orientation, and scroll up and down. You’re able to thoroughly test your site using this great tool.

Mobile Responsive Design Test


StudioPress put together this little gem so you can quickly see if your web design is where you want it to be. You can choose to test according to the device size or just the width (so you don’t have to scroll).

Responsive Web Design Test


DesignModo is so helpful when it comes to design resources they went ahead and developed their own responsiveness checker. Enter in your own pixel sizes or choose a device from their massive lists organized into phones, tablets, laptops and desktops.

MobiReady Mobile Compliance Checker


MobiReady dives into your code to see if you’re complying with common coding recommendations. After entering your web address MobiReady crunches the numbers and spits out a report for your Mobi.Readiness Score.

Cross Browser Testing (Subscription)


For those whose work depends on 100% cross browser and device capabilities, it might be wise to invest in a subscription like Corss Browser Testing. Out of all the options, this one is the most thorough with countless browsers, browser versions, and devices to test with. You can literally try every combination to see what works and what doesn’t.

Hopefully you found this list helpful! The responsive testings tools are a great shortcut to test your themes and add-ons on multiple “device” screens in a flash. If we missed your favorite testing tool let us know! Just leave a comment with the link below!

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