20 Blogging Tips to Make Your Blog a Success

Content marketing (or marketing that doesn’t seem like marketing) is one of the best ways of getting into the heart of your ideal customer. While this means good things, content marketing requires strategy for success just like any other undertaking in life.

Before we go any further, it’s important to note that blogging lives at the center of a successful content marketing strategy. Primarily, this is because blogs are “…content chameleons combining the strength of social media with old-fashioned print-publishing functionality” – Content Marketing Institute.

That said, how do you woo readers? Does it mean you must possess writing skills from another galaxy? How do you get readers to stay on your blog long enough to convert? Hitting the mark with blogging is hard, which is why most businesses are yet to master the art while many others flutter about at the beginning stage.

The question of the hour is, how do you engage you readers without struggling too hard talking shop? How do you mold your business blog into a huge success in terms of lead and traffic generation? How do you make an impact on your readers and grow them into loyal and ready-to-pay customers?

Blogs are great for converting traffic into leads simply because they are personal, which means the majority of readers hardly see the pitch. Make yours personal, and you don’t need the rest of this guide. Really, this is the best blogging tip you can get any day. Churn out content like a robot wired to sell and you will lose and lose big.

The Best Blogging Tips

In today’s post, we put together a few adjustments you can make to charm potential clients, streamline your content and turn your blog into a raving success. Up for the challenge? Great, let’s roll!

1. Detail Your Objective

Who? and What? are the two main questions your blog needs to answer. Who do you want to help? What do you want to help them achieve? By carefully defining these two, you can optimize your blog to reach your audience and meet their needs. Have a clear overview of who your prospects are and the problems that plague them. Then address both.

2. Quote Industry Experts

Don’t just write articles for the sake of writing to fill up your blog. If you’re like most of us, some of the articles you write mention products and services offered by other organizations. Quoting relevant experts on the topic or item in question boosts reader confidence and you can’t fight this. It also goes to show you know what you’re talking about and not just dropping facts and figures.

3. Express Your Mind

Blogs are basically your thoughts put to writing. So, stop overthinking your strengths as a writer already. Writing based on the ideas off the top of your head always has a charm around it. It gives birth to content that is unique, captivating and inspirational. In the event that you need to take advantage of certain ideas, you can use a team (if you have one) to conceptualize them.

4. Optimize for Search

90% of the time, potential clients discover the content on your blog from search engines. Make sure your content is relevant and fresh so that search engines can easily rank it. The best way to do this, is by using phrases and keywords prospect customers and clients use in their search. If you use WordPress, you can use the Yoast SEO plugin to handle most of the work.

5. Improve Readability

People take in information differently. There are those who read halfway and leave, those who read the entire document and those who scan through it. Make sure to include all these people by using bullets, breaking long paragraphs and use of sub-headings

6. Make Your Intro Interesting

The first paragraph will determine if the customer keeps on reading or ignore your blog post. Your post getting pushed away is not in any way going to build you a bigger and better audience. Intrigue the reader with your first few lines and keep going. Make sure to highlight you understand their main plight, and you have just the solution for them.

7. Engage Your Readers on Social Media

Engaging your customer on major social platforms will get them to trust you. It’s simple; a majority of your prospects live on these sites, and trust recommendations from friends on said sites. Plus it’s easier for your prospects to reach out via social media as opposed to your website. They will know you get them and are available to offer any kind of assistance if need be.

8. Have a Conversation With Your Audience

In other words, don’t isolate yourself or hide behind your computer screen. Reach out to your audience because blogging is the art of conversing with your peers, readers and prospects. It isn’t all about writing post after post – it’s about fostering a discussion about the things you care about.

The conversation needn’t be perfect. All the same, don’t lie to your readers – make sure to link back to sources where possible and proofread your articles before posting. Build a conversation with your readers around a topic of interest (both for you and readers) and work on that.

9. Sympathize With Your Readers

No one really wants to feel alone in their pickle. They want to feel understood. Using language that readers can relate to or is understandable will go a long way in building a bond between you and the readers.

10. Your Opinion Must Be Strong

Being a blogger, you should not be afraid to share the exact sentiments you have on a particular issue, service or product. After all, it is what you think that matters. Just don’t misinform your readers for personal gain in the name of expressing your opinion. Opinions and controversy win big in blogging.

11. Use Simple Language

Don’t complicate things further by using heavy words. No one wants to read a post, and after a few words they are forced to seek help from a dictionary. It is time-consuming and they may end up not getting the help they hoped for. Avoid industry jargon and write as if your reader is a fourth grader.

12. Eliminate Use of Buts, Maybes and Ifs…

…that aren’t meant for prose, since they show you have know idea what you’re talking about.

Use of the above words will make you sound like you are not sure of what you are writing about. You don’t want your readers second guessing the information on your blog. Not only will they distrust you, but also avoid buying what you are selling.

13. Use Examples

Include examples and case studies in you content. They make it lively and also show how deep you understanding of the topic is. For example, did you know more than 2 million blog posts are written daily? This is a good example of using examples. See what I did there lol?

14. Put Yourself in the Shoes of Your Audience

Know exactly what you want your reader to grasp from any particular post. Don’t mix up other ideas. Concentrate on that single topic, and build your content around it. What is the reader looking for? Provide that answer and avoid confusing them with a barrage of words about this and that.

15. Always Have a List of Blogging Ideas

Whenever a client asks a question, write it down as an idea for a future post. Some of the questions prospects ask point to issues that need addressing. They lay a solid foundation upon which you can build a lot more content. Other than that, keep generating blog ideas at all times to ensure you don’t run out of ideas.

16. Commit to a Schedule

Planning is an essential part in the success of your blog. Lay down a plan that dictates how and when you will create content and then commit to it. Without a plan, you will fall off the bandwagon and frustrate your visitors when they come back to quench their newly-acquired thirst for your content.

17. Always Have a Spare Post

There are times when you are too pre-occupied with other tasks that you’re left with little or no time to write. In such instances, you need to have a spare post to upload to your blog. Your readers have grown to expect from you on certain days, so don’t fail them no matter what. In your spare time, endeavor to create extra articles for the proverbial rainy day.

18. Develop a Bond With Your Readers

You blog offers you the golden opportunity to meet people from all walks of life. Some of your readers are business leaders and industry experts who are definitely good for your business. Develop a strong network with such people. However, don’t alienate the infrequent readers and new visitors. Reach out to them too, and offer assistance whenever you can.

19. Write From the Heart

Writing from the heart will sprinkle energy and enthusiasm on your posts. There is a special kind of charm associated with work “curved by a sculptor”, especially one who is open to new ideas. The resulting artwork is always captivating. Write about topics you enjoy – topics that are dear to you. Don’t try to talk the money in.

20. Call to Action

The internet is a fast-paced environment with all manner of distractions. With that in mind, you need to hold your reader’s hand and give them the extra push they need to convert. A CTA will remind your customers, if they are in need of assistance, you are available to help.

That’s our list for now, but do you have anything to add? How do you woo readers and keep them longer on your blog?

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