30 Awesome Email Newsletter PSD Templates

Newsletters are an awesome way to share new content with your readers. They’re also a great way to spear the word about promotions, specials and events. We’ve found 30 awesome and FREE email & newsletter psds that you can use to design your very own newsletters. There are tons of different styles and layouts, and if there are a few you like download them and create your own mix-and-match template. Have fun!

Elena Newsletter Template

This email template features the modern-vintage style seen on many hipster blogs and websites.


E-commerce Email Template

Perfect for online stores, this newsletter psd features a great straightforward design that showcases your latest products, sale items or anything else. The simple grid and bright white background make products stand out.


Professional Email Template

This email design is perfect for small businesses or to announce the launch of a new app. It’s sort of like a landing page that can be delivered to people’s inboxes.


Boxi Email Theme

Boxi is a flat and bright style newsletter design. This would be great for any website or business that wants to add lots of color to their emails.


3 Clean Email Templates Set

This pleasant pack is for 3 awesome email layouts. Each psd is different from the next, to give you plenty of design ideas when creating yoru email template.


Moonmail Email Template

The Moonmail newsletter psd is a clean and professional design that would look fantastic with images from your portfolio.


Modern Email Template

This lovely psd features a great email design that works responsively. Everyone with a smartphone checks their email while on the go, so it only makes sense to design a responsive newsletter.


Freelance Email Template

This newsletter template psd is pixel perfect for freelancers, designers, developers and others who work alone. It has just enough features to showcase what you do and to get new clients to your website.


Gusto Email Template

Gusto is a clean and flat design perfect for blogs and magazines that want to promote their recent posts with big images and buttons.


Clean Email Template

This email template psd is clean and simple. It has great ideas for website launches, announcements and other newsletters that are focused on a specific call to action (e.g. “30-Day Free Trial”).


Emailz Newsletter Template

Emailz is a fun and bright email psd that would work wonderfully for a blogger. The large social icons and lots of content areas mean showing readers more of what’s new at one time.


Countryside Email Template

Countryside is a lovely little newsletter design that has a slight girly touch to it. Delicate fonts, rounded images and a sweet color palette make this design just peachy for many niches.


3 Marketing Email Templates Set

Download this set of marketing email templates that you can use to design your next promotional email blast. Big features and interesting font choices capture people’s attention and makes your newsletter standout.


Envelope Newsletter Template

A cleverly literal interpretation of e-mail, this design showcases a specific post, event or page on your website popping out of an envelope.


Display Email Template

This newsletter psd is a basic design perfect for any business. The simple layout means that it can easily be tweaked for your purposes simply by altering the button colors and images.


3 Business Email Templates Set

This set of email designs include great ideas for blogs, portfolios, and even restaurants to design their own email templates.


Christmas Email Templates

Christmas comes every year, and this psd is perfect for creating your once-a-year newsletter announcing any sales or specials you might have going on during the holiday season.


3 Colorful Email Template Pack

Don’t be afraid of a little color – this pack of 3 colorful email psds is perfect for designing a color coordinated newsletter for your website.


Bold Newsletter Template

This bold email template features a lovely combination of floated text and images. Without color blocks or square cropped images this psd keep its dsign light and airy.


3 Textured Email Templates Set

A little on the old-school side, but still quite useful, this psd pack for textured email designs is full of perfectly good ideas for your own newsletter.


I hope you enjoy the freebies! And if you find any others on the web leave a note in the comments below. I’d love to see them!

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