15 Great Examples of HTML5

HTML5, the latest version of HTML, has been around for a while now, though still in the development stages. Coupled with CSS3 among other web technologies, HTML5 can help you to bring unimaginable design concepts to life. We’ve put together fifteen (15) great  examples of  HTML5 websites for your inspiration.

Web Expert


Web Expert, the online portfolio site of Marco Sors, is the truest reflection of just how much you can achieve with HTML5. Web Expert combines HTML5 and CSS to create a one of a kind website.

Cafedirect – Drink Better Tea Pledge


Love yourself a hot cup of tea? Well, you’re bound to love Cafedirect online presence. This visually engaging website utilizes HTML5 elements such as the < header>, <section> as well as the HTML5 canvas to deliver an experience like no other.

Heart of the Arctic


This seemingly simple website uses HTML5  to create fun and educational expeditions aimed at restoring climate balance in the arctic.

Kev Adamson


Freelance web designer, illustrator, animator and graphic designer Kev Adamson took HTML5 and stretched it beyond the remits of our imagination. His portfolio site is a creative work of art and quite clearly, HTML5 is working for him.

Roger Dubuis


Roger Dubuis, the legendary watchmaker, needed a web technology that would match their beautifully designed and sharp timepieces. Rogerdubuis.com is a one-page site that utilizes a great deal of HTML5  and high quality graphics to deliver a rich experience to watch lovers.

Microsoft OneNote


Microsoft OneNote allows you to take and organize notes the easy way. It works across multiple devices, so you can save your notes on the go. To showcase this gracious app, Microsoft built a great page using HTML5 and plenty of white space. They also have a few good quality images to compliment the web copy.

Rome “3 Dreams of Black”


You know you are in for a good one long before the interactive film by Chris Milk loads. Ro.me utilizes HTML5 to promote Daniele Luppi and Danger Mouse’s album Rome. Great concept with great execution.



HTML5 and pop music meet at bjork.com, the official 3D website of Icelandic pop star Bjork. The website utilizes relatively known HTML elements such as the canvas among others to create 3D depth.

Diablo Media

diablo media

Diablo Media is all about igniting connections between you and your customers, and they have a great HTML5 website to prove they mean business. Notable HTML5 techniques utilized on the site include parallax scrolling, <header> and HTML5 <input> elements among others.



If staying abreast web technology-wise means staying ahead of the pack in terms of sales, Norton is the leader among other antivirus programs. They threw the old out and have built their new visually appealing and professional website on HTML5.

Soul Reaper – HTML5 Scroll Book

soul reaper

HTML5 is taking the world of comics to a whole new level. Soul Reaper is a web comic about the end of times, as seen through the eyes and narrated by Alex, a soul reaper. The website uses a great deal of HTML5 elements and HD images to deliver an experience like no other.

Shiny Demos

shiny demos

Built on HTML5, Shiny Demos is a great collection of canvas, CSS3, touch, webGL, SVG, GetUserMedia and HTML5 audio/video demos. Shiny Demos supports all web browsers as well as mobile devices.

Metropol Band


You have to love the genius of the Metropol Band’s website. On the homepage, you will find a great feature that allows you to play records by dragging and dropping them to an interactive player. Metropol Band’s website is a great example of how you can use the canvas element to create awesome designs.

The Wired Mind

the wired mind

I pride myself a writer, but words escape me whenever I try explaining The Wired Mind. However, I solicited a little help from How Splendid: Built using HTML5 “…the Wired Mind is a visualization tool that provides another way to browse the content on Wired.co.uk.” It’s been created “…to show off some of the great things you can do with a really fast standards-based browser…” You gotta see and try it for yourself to believe it.



You will experience HTML5 in action the moment you land on this website. Based in Brussels, Belgium, 1md is a creative bureau providing web and mobile applications, games and branding among other things. Want to see how far web developers are willing to take HTML5? Check out 1md.be.


Here we are, fifteen (15) great HTML5 examples down the line. The purpose of this post is to show you some of the awesome stuff you can do with HTML5. If you would you like to point us to more examples, please do so in the comment section below. Thanks in advance 🙂

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