The Best Job Boards for Web Designers

Unless your plate is full or new clients are swarming your hire page at this very moment, you need to keep looking for new prospects to keep your web design business afloat. And what better place to find web design gigs than job boards?

In today’s post, we will unveil more than ten (10) job boards that are full of awesome web design jobs. All you have to do after reading this post is pick your favorite job board, and submit your application.

Pssst: If you have no idea how to craft the perfect job application, mention it in the comments and I will get back to you with amazing templates to get you started. We really want you, our reader, to get the job 😉

Authentic Jobs →

Brought to you by Cameron Moll, a seasoned developer and entrepreneur himself, Authentic Jobs is one job board you want to bookmark right this minute.

Why is that so? You ask. Firstly, the job board is trusted by leading companies such as Facebook, HBO, Skype,, ESPN and Electronic Arts among other big names.

Secondly, Authentic Jobs features hundreds if not thousands of lucrative opportunities for front-end developers, UI designers, web designers, software engineers and even web writers. In other words, Authentic Jobs has something for everyone.

Dribbble Jobs →

If you’ve been in the world of web design for a while, you must have heard a good thing or two about Dribbble. And that’s because there are a lot of profitable jobs waiting for you on their job board.

Whether you want a full/part-time gig or a freelance position that allows you to create the best of designs from anywhere, Dribbble has your back covered. They have opportunities for UX designers, web designers, visual designers, product designers, art directors and much more!

Smashing Jobs →

Smashing Magazine is a great resource for web designers and online entrepreneurs at large. There’s so much you can learn about various topics including WordPress, web design and coding among others.

On top of all these resources, Smashing Magazine offers a regularly updated job board that’s ripe with the best web development opportunities. On the board, you are sure to find an awesome job perfect just for you.

Behance →

You are probably already familiar with Behance, a huge and beautiful collection of online portfolios for photographers, illustrators, web designers and other professionals in the creative field.

If I must prod, you should endeavor to create your very own portfolio on Behance if you haven’t already. That’s because having a portfolio on there can help you net some of the best gigs on their job board, where they’ve published some splendid opportunities for UX, web, visual, graphic and interactive designers among others.

Coroflot Job Board →

What a name for a platform meant for designers – who usually happen to be a creative lot. I’m not a hater, but Coroflot really?

Anyways, Coroflot job board made it to this list because it’s well designed and features some of the best web design jobs around. There’s one downside though. Coroflot insists that all international web designers must hold valid US working permits. What a bummer.

AngelList →

If you desire to work for emerging startups such as Coinbase, Tinder, DuckDuckGo and 5,000 others, you need to head over to AngelList, a one of a kind job board that hooks up web designers to startups.

Angel List offers a totally different experience compared to many of the job boards on this list. For instance, you can apply privately, see the salary up-front and the whole process is fast and transparent since there are no middlemen involved. You speak directly to the startup’s founders, so yeah – it’s that awesome!

Dev Bistro →

devBistro has been serving web designers and other tech professional for than ten (10) years. In that time, the job board has featured a great deal of web design jobs.

Their success lies in the fact that they’ve successfully managed to attend to both job seekers and employers, making it a great resource all-round. Available gigs include web design, programming, web development, software engineering and system administration just to touch the tip of the ice berg.

We Work Remotely →

Now this sounds interesting – something freelance web designers would want to try out. We Work Remotely is the one-stop source of jobs “…that aren’t restricted by commutes or a particular geographic area.”

The website is a huge collection of web design-related jobs. They also dabble in a few other areas that would interest you. to get all their latest updates, you should follow @weworkremotely on the Twitter machine.

If You Could →

Formerly known as It’s Nice That, If You Could is a great collection of design jobs meant for UK residents. All the same, I don’t see the harm of applying to any of the opportunities that might let you work from wherever.

That aside, If You Could features lucrative positions for web designers, project managers, UX designers, art directors and graphic designers among others. And in case you’re a bit curious, jobs on If You Could attract salaries of up to £50,000 or £260 per day depending on experience. Is that lucrative or what? I don’t know about you, but it’s decent pay where I live.

Krop →

With over 1 million visits a month, and a horde of features and tools that will make your job search a breeze, Krop is hot and one of the biggest job boards on the web.

You can easily search for design jobs using a simple keyword, create your own professional portfolio or keep up with the latest happenings via @krop_jobs on Twitter.

Sensational Jobs →

With over a decade of experience in the web design industry, the founders of Sensational Jobs, decided to build an easy and simple platform that could connect job seekers to employers.

The site employs a very simplistic design that facilitates job browsing. The platform supports instant processing, secure payments via PayPal, and automatic invoicing among other sweet features, so you can concentrate on what matters; your projects and making money. As a web designer, you will have a great time on Sensational Jobs.


Tom Cavill curates an extensive list of the best web design jobs from job boards such as Behance, Dribbble, WeWorkRemotely and Authentic Jobs. His is a colorful website that adds ease to the process of job hunting. You can join 2.3k other followers @dsgnjbs.

Over to you…

There you have it, twelve (12) of the best web design job boards to get you started. We totally concur this list is nowhere near comprehensive, but it’s a great starting point. Pick your favorite job board and submit your application. All the best amigo!

Other than that… Did we leave out your favorite job board? Would you like to suggest any other job board known to you? Please do so liberally in the comments!

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