Dribbble Inspiration: Logos & Logo Designers

It’s time to get inspired! Checkout these great Dribbble Accounts that are just full of great logos. Logos are tough. You have to capture an entire brand in just a few hundred pixels. Each of the Dribbblers below shows an exceptional skill at creating and rendering logos, and I hope you enjoy browsing their portfolios as much as I did!

Morgan Allan Knutson

Pastels and clean lines make this Dribbbler standout. Morgan’s work is just fantastic!


Stevan Rodic

Stevan create lots of bold and beautiful iconic creations. In fact, he even designed the logo over at WPExplorer.


Yoga Perdana

The light as air logos Yoga designs almost look like watercolors. Plus if you browse through the portfolio you’ll see some neat action sketches that can give you some insight into the logo design process.



Paul Saksin

Paul offers a diverse portfolio full of everything including minimal, corporate, colorful, typographic and other various logo formats.



Mackey Saturday

Mackey Saturday has a very clear style that makes their designs instantly recognizable. Check them out to get a bit of inspiration.


Graham Smith

Marrying logos with text can be a tough nut to crack, but Graham handles it with finesse creating pixel perfect creations each and every time.



Brandberry makes some logo and font designs, as well as some crazy good ink & paper designs.


Gert Van Duinen

The clean and graphic logos developed by Gert are great examples of using restraint and knowing exactly when to be done.


Dalius Stuoka

Dalius makes cute and clever icon-like logos that often times meld multiple design ideas or images seamlessly.


Nick Slater

If you’re pining for a great badge or seal, Nick Slater offers some fantastic logos you should have a look at.


Sean Farrell

Sean’s linear logo designs and glyphs are a great source of inspiration for any one with a love of print and line art.


Charlie Isslander

There are lots of playful and professional logos to peruse on Charlie’s Dribbble portfolio.


Jan Meeus

Elegant and restrained, many of Jan’s creations are super clean and concise.


Jord Riekwel

Jord creates awesome logos with clever images and use of negative space.


Michael Spitz

Typographic logos sit front and center in Michel’s impressive portfolio of work.


Breno Bitencourt

Right on trend, make sure you checkout Breno’ polygon style logos (he does such a great job with them!).


Tim Boelaars

Tim’s dribbles lots of great bold and flat designs with a fun and cartoon-ish flair.


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