Meet Tilda The New Website Builder

Build a website for free! Certainly you’ve heard that line before., Blogger, Wix, Weebly and other sites have already made a name for themselves but now Tilda is ready to enter the game.

What Is Tilda?

Well, it’s a free website builder. The main difference here is that they’ve provided you with a number of blocks you can use to create a semi-custom web layout instead of the tried and true “template” many users are accustom to. The video can explain this better than we can.

At A Glance

Does Tilda have potential? Yes – it’s an easy option for creating simple layouts for blogs and small businesses. We see this as being a very useful tool for people who need a little website up quickly. For the low cost of $0 you’ll get 1 website where you can add up to 50 pages and store up to 50MB of media.

Is it the best website option? Well that depends on what you need. For a simple blog or website that you won’t be adding much content to it might work out fine. Would Tilda work for a larger scale blog or professional website? We don’t think so. To us it looks a lot like many of the WordPress page builders that are already available only without the option to self-host (which is one of the best parts).

Let’s Compare

For the $20 per month you can be the owner of an annual Business plan ($240/yr) with Tilda. You’ll unlock the ability to create 5 websites with up to 500 pages each, 1GB of storage for all of your media, all of the Tilda page builder blocks, Google Analytics access, custom fonts and the ability to add your favicon. Oh, and this is the only Tilda plan with the option to export your source code to use on your own domain (which you’ll need to purchase and configure separately).

The benefit here is that if using Tilda’s provide subdomain you don’t have to install or setup anything. It’s ready for you out of the box.

Alternatively you could get Bluehost for $2.95/mo (which includes a free domain name), use WordPress (a free and powerful website platform), choose an awesome $59 theme like Total (which comes with more than 100+ page builder elements, a 1-click demo import to get started fast, and hundreds of customization options), and then use your left over $145.60 on anything else your business might need (like a new logo or social media marketing).

Setting up your own website with WordPress does require you to spend a few minutes setting up your site, but in the long run you’ll have more options and more control.

Should You Try Tilda?


Yeah – Tilda is free. You literally have nothing to lose. Well, you do have to provide an email address but that’s really not much to sacrifice. Give it a try and see if you can’t find a good use for your account.

But what are your thoughts? Have you tried Tilda? Do you see it growing to be a competitor of SquareSpace, Wix or We’d love to get your take on it!

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