15 Top Photoshop Tools for Web Designers

Tools, tools and some more tools. That’s what we are all about today. This quick post will direct you to fifteen (15) best Photoshop tools (in no particluar order – we love them all the same) that will make your work easier. In this collection, you will spot Photoshop plugins and extensions among other tools. Enjoy and talk to us in the comments 🙂

Web Font Plugin
Woohoo! Let’s kick off with this splendid font plugin. Are you struggling with your fonts? The Web Font Plugin will help you to design with the same font the site will use when it goes live. You can pick from thousands of fonts including Google Web Fonts.

Layer Vault
This tool adds ease to collaborating with other designers. The tool offers you plenty of features including a Visual History which helps you to share your work and keep track of edits. The tool has an elegant interface which makes it slick above everything else.

1140 Grid
Are you new to grid systems? 1140 Grid developed by Andy Taylor is an interesting tool. It is a fluid grid which helps you to embrace larger screens. It comes with Photoshop templates which makes your work easier.

Adobe Kuler
Getting your colors right is an important step in creating formidable designs. Adobe Kuler allows you to choose the right shade of color to use on your websites easily. You can access the tool online or offline by navigating to Extensions –> Kuler.

Social Kit
Social Media is a great source of traffic second only to search engines. Social Kit gives you the power to create custom templates for your social media accounts.

Subtle Patterns
Love yourself a pattern? Subtle Patterns is a huge collection of beautiful patterns and textures. Once you have Subtle Patterns, it is hard not to use it.

This Photoshop plugin hands you thousands of vector assets including icons. You don’t need to leave Photoshop, just drag your vectors assets to your project and your work is done. BlendMe works with Adobe Illustrator as well.

Want to convert Photoshop layers into CSS3 layers easily and save time? CSS3Ps allows you to convert drop shadows, outer glows, rounded corners, text, strokes, etc into CSS3 automatically.

Perfect Effects 8 Free
Published by onOne Software, the Perfect Effects 8 Free tool will help you to get quick effects on your images. You can add a variety of effects including creative borders, noise, textures and colors among others.

Love flat design? Become an expert at flat design with skeuomorphism.it extension. Ray Barber, the developer, curses like a sailor but this Photoshop extension is exactly what you need to become a flat design pro.

Wire Worm
This tool enables you to get rid of fences, telephone wires, and such like obstacles in your photos. Wire Worm is easy to use and the results are splendid.

NKS5 Essential Media Toolkit
Made for Adobe Photoshop CS5+, this tool supplies you with a wide variety of textures, natural media, drawings and production tools in a compact palette. Quite a tool for saving time and bringing your designs to life.

Cut&Slice Me
Is your Photoshop design ready for the web? Cut&Slice Me by Daniel Peruho helps you to easily export your design to the internet. This plugin is compatible with Adobe Photoshop CS6 only.

Are confident creating stylized images with Photoshop? Perhaps you don’t have time to style your image. virtualPhotographer helps you to add sophisticated looks to your images in no time.

Sprite Generator
Sprites reduce the page load time of your website making for better user experience. At the same time, creating sprites can be a challenging feat. This Sprite Generator tool automates the process of creating sprites so you can concentrate on things that matter.

Over to you…

Which Photoshop tool do you use and love? Please share with us in the comments. Much love 🙂

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