10 Startup Websites for Your Inspiration

After going long periods without churning out a single design, your creative muscle atrophies – it weakens, which might leave you feeling uninspired. That might not be the case though. You probably churn out design after design and as a result you feel exhausted and unmotivated.

Perhaps you’re just having a horrible day that began with someone spilling your own coffee on you. You’re human and anything can leave you feeling uninspired to the point of putting down your design tools. However, we’ve put together a list of ten (10) startup websites that will jump-start your creative engine. Without further ado, let’s get to it.



You gotta love the intuitiveness of Squarespace’s web design. The website is built on an interactive drag and drop website builder that simplifies the process of creating amazing websites. The tool is suitable for beginner as well as experienced web designers.



Shopify puts ease in creating online stores. Their online store builder, just like their website, is quite easy to setup and launch. With over 30,000 happy customers, Shopify is a great inspiration to web designers as well as business people.



This app gives you the opportunity “…to know your email contacts, grow your network and establish rapport…” among other things. Rapportive’s website features a simple design with an easy-to-spot CTA button that lets you add the app to Firefox, MailPlane, Chrome and Safari.



If you’re looking for some quick inspiration, this is the site you want to check out. With great graphics, design and complimentary videos, SquareUp will push you towards better design. The site dispenses a free Square Reader that allows you to receive payments on your smartphone.



Are you looking to order food and get inspired all at the same time? Scientists found out some food groups stimulate creative brain activity, and now thanks to Storific, you can order food and drinks from different restaurants without leaving your design chair. The website’s interface is simply sensational. It’s quite inspiring to see how Storific have taken a great idea and executed it thro’ great design.



Their tagline reads: “Learn by doing. No setup. No hassle. Just learning.” Makes you feel like signing up for the free account already, doesn’t it? Code School’s design is simple and straightforward and features a very relaxed color scheme.



Using the latest web technologies, Spotify’s web developers built the website to serve millions of songs to the entire without interruptions. Are you a web designer with a penchant for good music? Spotify is a great source of inspiration.



Clean and simplistic design reigns supreme at CloudApp. Great aesthetics, great functionality and new web technologies too have found a home at CloudApp. Share. Files. Fast. Inspiration galore.



Right from the domain name to the clever design with plenty of whitespace, Simple.com welcomes you to better banking with it’s one of a kind website that oozes creativity and design integrity.



Filament’s goal is to make your website better. They make “…free apps that anyone can easily install to make visitors happier.” The best part is Filament works on any site or CMS including WordPress. Check out Filament’s site for some product and design inspiration.


Which startups inspire you? Please share with the rest of us in the comments and remember to mention what you like about your favorite startup(s). Be inspired. See you around 🙂


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