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For bloggers everywhere, a clean and simple platform for telling their story is a must. This is exactly what Story AM aims to do – provide bloggers with an easy, code-free way to share their thoughts and experiences with the world the way they want to.

A Quick History Lesson


Story AM has only recently been developed, but it started out as the Aesop Story Engine. This lovely little WordPress plugin was crowdfunded to give thousands of bloggers a quick and easy way to set up a blog using 13 story components to add content, chapters, videos, galleries and more. But since it’s creating the plugin has grown into a full-blown framework – Story AM.

With Story AM all the tools you need to tell your story your way are at your fingertips. This is a platform built specifically for storytelling after all.

What Makes Up Story AM

Story AM picks up where it’s original plugin form left off. This platform includes a clean drag & drop interface that you can use to built your perfect story experience using various elements.

Story Elements

There are 12+ blocks that you can drag and drop to tell your story. Use elements to add content, organize it into chapters, add quotes and more. You can also add all kinds of media like audio, video, images, parallax images or galleries to make your story come to life. Other great features include elements for maps, timelines, attached documents and even collections.

Other Features

Best of all – everything your need for your story is included with Story AM. Your website, hosting and even SSL are all included with your yearly subscription to make your life easier. Story AM also allows for collaborations (have multiple authors, or allow reviews), newsletter integration, and advanced analytics. And for enterprise users, you can also sell subscriptions to your story.

Start Your Story


This is clearly a great platform, so why not get involved today. Just click below to get started. Story AM is now completely free! Plus, remember that this includes the platform, your domain, hosting, SSL, plugins, themes and more! So what’s stopping you?

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