The Top 10 Free Ghost Themes

Blogging is one of the most popular platforms on the internet that people use to educate, share news, and inform their audience. In recent years blogging has transformed in more ways than one. From short excerpts and microblogging on Twitter to personal blogs and websites. One of the newest blogging platforms is Ghost. Ghost is the free, simple, and open-source blogging platform that has a sole focus on writing. They emphasize the fact that their platform cuts away all the nonsense and helps bloggers more easily share their writing with you.

With their recent popularity, I felt it necessary to feature a collection of some of the best free ghost themes on the web. These are the perfect, high-quality themes to get you started with your Ghost Blog.

1. Wordsmith Free Ghost Theme

Wordsmith is a beautiful free ghost theme with crisp text and varying colors. It is a great creation by Marcos Web Design. Find information for installing the theme just click on the image.

Wordsmith Free Ghost Theme

2. Ghostium Free Medium Inspired Ghost Theme

Ghostium is a beautiful free ghost theme made to emulate Medium. Find out how to download and install it on the author’s site.

Ghostium Ghost Theme

3. Tepid Free Ghost Theme

Tepid is a fantastic free theme with a beautiful header image and text layout.

Tepid Ghost Theme

4. Gonzague Free Ghost Theme

Gonzague is a beautiful simple little ghost theme to get your blog up and running in no time.

Gonzague Ghost Theme

5. Incorporated Free Ghost Theme

Incorporated is the perfect professional ghost theme for any blogger, writer, or creative can share their thoughts.


6. Innocent Free Ghost Theme

Innocent is an absolutely beautiful ghost theme with lovely typography and spacing.

Innocent Ghost Theme

7. Slimpost Minimal Free Ghost Theme

Slimpost is a unique little ghost theme that truly defines minimal. It is perfect for your little social blog.

Slimpost Ghost Theme

8. Vapor Free Ghost Theme

Vapor is a cool, thin ghost theme that makes blog posts look beautiful. Sort of similar to a minimal tumblr theme, but even better!

Vapor Ghost Theme

9. Ghostwriter Free Ghost Theme

Ghostwriter is probably my favorite free ghost theme out there. It has beautiful typography, perfectly matching colors, and a certain style that just fits.

Ghostwriter Ghost Theme

10. Pebble Free Ghost Theme

Pebble is an absolutely stunning ghost theme with a focus on images. It has wonderful typography and a clean color palette.

Pebble Ghost Theme


Ghost is the perfect solution for small blogs and writer’s musings, but it may not be a good fit for your site. Looking for something a little more advanced for portfolios, photography blogs, and magazine style websites? Check out Authentic Themes, a collection of WordPress themes we started for small business, creatives, and web folk alike.

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