Top 10 Logo Design Trends of 2017

Majority of startups or small businesses only focus on improving their products worth. Hence, they concentrate on perfecting a product, running numbers, growing shipping orders et cetera. While this is awesome (hey, don’t stop improving your products on our say so), they forget a tiny but vital item as far as marketing goes.

Unknown to most startups, logos are an important part of any marketing material. Logos have meaning, personality and describe what your company does. So if you think a logo cannot have a massive effect on your business, think twice.

As with anything design-related, logos have evolved with time. There has been a continued entrance of new trends and techniques, opening doors to an ocean of ideas for you. These brand new logo trends are nothing short of amazing. Enjoy!


Matt Gravish Twitch Logo Animation

Twitch logo animation by Matt Gravish

One of the most exciting logo trends in this write up is animation and movement. An animated logo is one of the best ways to stand out from the competition. And please worry not, animating your logo needn’t necessarily slow down your website.

Moving logos are ideal for emotional connection with the targeted crowd. They contribute a whole lot to the story behind your brand, thereby making them incredible. Through the use of colors and sounds, you can use animated logos to convey your brand’s fervor.

The best thing about animations is they keep the attention of the viewer for longer. Apart from this, you can have a regular logo for your print marketing materials. Lastly, moving logos combine perfectly with parallax effects.

For a taste of logo animation, feel free to check out these 15 inspiring examples by Paul Andrew, the founder of Speckyboy.


Mastercard Logo 2017

Brands are turning to utmost minimalism with simplified logos. Businesses are getting rid of excessive details and focusing on cleaner logos. A good example is Mastercard. Their logo has seen many changes since 1968, but all their logos border on absolute simplicity.

In addition, extreme minimal and spacious logos have that “less in your face” selling appeal, which means the consumer can pay attention to detail. This, of course, plays a part in creating and solidifying brand recognition.

Broken Letters

Broken Letters Logo

Broken letter logos have opened doors to a new shift in design. This trend offers ample room for creativity while showing the consumer what you’re all about. As a matter of fact, this logo design trend has picked quite some steam this year.

While cutting letters sounds like a straight forward task, designers argue it’s one of the most complicated logo design trends. And that’s because you need to consider a number of things including letters to use, fonts and other details before breaking your logo.


Istvan Toth CROP Studio Logo

Istvan Toth CROP Studio Logo

Another logo design trend that has taken the internet by storm is use of logos with cropped letters. One might wonder why crop letters when the sole purpose of a logo is to convey what the brand is about.

The idea behind cropping is to convey message while at the same time showing the least amount of detail possible. Therefore, it requires a lot of creativity as the end result should be attractive. Otherwise, it might make the message unclear if not well done.

Cropped logos are attractive and unique, which is why entrepreneurs embrace them left, right and center.

Photographic Texture

Goldfoil logo mockup by Mockup CLoud

Realistic gold foil logo mockup by Mockup Cloud

For anyone looking for some crazy artistic touch on their logos, this design trend is a must try. The trend involves careful combination of elements which culminate in detailed photographic texture in logos. This adds personality to any particular logo design.

However, as good as this sounds many entrepreneurs will still not go for it. They feel it’s fancy and doesn’t exactly represent what you would call a professional logo. Nevertheless, if you have an appreciation for fancy logos, this is definitely the logo design trend for you.

Hand Drawn Logos

Paul von Excite Photographer Logo

Hand drawn logo by Paul von Excite

Hand drawn logos have been around for ages, and the popularity of this logo trend means it is here to stay. At the same time, there is a re-emerging trend which consists of a cleaner and more polished style. The secret is to make them look sketch based, but with a pixel perfect design.

Hand drawn logos have unique allure about them that attract customers like no other image you use. This is because such as logo exudes unbridled personality and style.

Geometric Shape Logos

Nick Geometric Swan Logo

Geometric Swan Logo by Nick

Geometric shaped logos are a logo design trend that is going nowhere since they are clear, simple and come with touch of creativity particularly if the logo designer knows what they are doing.

Simple geometry intrigues users. On the other hand, designers like elements that can express creativity without bending over backwards on their part. In addition, the manipulation of geometric shapes gives meaning to many logos.

Multiple Meaning

LeoLogos Magic Coffee Logo

Magic Hat Coffee Logo by LeoLogos

When a logo packs two meanings, it shows effort and patience. Take for example a logo that displays one message but on taking a closer look, you deduce another message. Creating such a logo takes time and great attention to detail. Telling two stories in one detailed logo design takes effort.

Nonetheless, both the first and second design must convey a message related to the brand without conflicting with each other. Chances are such logos are likely to make customers smile whenever they discover the second message.

Negative Space

Birdhouse Books minimal logo by Nick

Birdhouse Books minimal logo design with negative space by Nick

This is another trend that is taking hold. Using negative space is nothing else than the detailed use of space encompassing a logo to artistically achieve results that draw users’ attention.

Furthermore, clever use of space ensures that customers are not distracted by other elements in your design. Thus, their concentration is wholly directed on what you want them to see, which in this case your logo.

Also, you can marry positive and negative space to create optical illusion, which pushes your agenda further.

Pattern and Repetition

Greg Sitzmann Patterned C Logo

Patterned C Logo by Greg Sitzmann

The easiest way to evoke familiarity in human beings is by repetition. This is why advertisers usually bombard us with the same advert over and over until it sticks.

A logo that has repetitive patterns creates a brand recognition among your customers. Therefore, it’s hard for them to forget. 2017 has seen logo designs inclined on achieving this.


The fact is, whether or not you know it, a logo is the most used asset in marketing and with great results. When you make good use of logos in your marketing materials, your brand and products become easily recognizable.

The above logo design trends offer you plenty of design freedom to create a logo that’s not only exciting but also suitable for your business. And what better way to pick a starting point than by going through what is trending?

Plus with thousands of logo services out there, you have plenty of logo design talent at your disposal.

Are you privy of other logo design trends we might have missed? Among the logo design trends we covered in this post, which is your favorite? Please share your thoughts in the comments below. Thanks in advance!

See you around 🙂

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