10 Great Podcasts About Web Design

Web design podcasts are getting popular by the day, and we all know why; podcasts are a great way of getting information and remaining motivated. Today’s post is a quick collection of ten (10) great podcasts for you. Enjoy and let’s touch base in the comment section below!

Unfinished Business

Andrew Clarke, the web design expert behind Unfinished Business is funny as hell to say the least. This podcast is concerned with the business side of the web among other things.

Boagworld Show

The Boagworld podcast is published every Thursday by Paul Boag and Marcus Lillington. The show hosts various guests and the discourse revolves around web design topics. Boagworld is suitable for designers as well as website owners.

CSS Tricks Video Screencasts

Looking to improve your CSS game without breaking a sweat? Well. look no further. Css-tricks.com has a wide range of screencasts that will teach you the latest CSS3 tricks.

A Life Well Wasted

Another of Chris Coyier’s projects, A Life Well Wasted is a popular podcast “…that ran from January 2009… and it’s described as “…’an internet radio show about video games and the people that love them’.” It is well produced and was lastly updated on March 20, 2013.

The Big Web Show

Hosted by Jeffrey Zeldman, this award winning podcast features guests and a wide variety of topics including art direction, web publishing, content strategy, web technology and typography among others. If you don’t know Jeffrey Zeldman, he  is “…the only thing two web designers can agree on.” Go figure.

Yahoo! Theater

A few times every month, Yahoo! invites top-of-the-class developers to keep employees on their toes. The talks are later on published for the benefit of the rest of us. Topics include JavaScript, performance, accessibility and DOM (Document Object Model) just to mention a few.

SitePoint Podcast

Interested in business, design and technology? If so, the SitePoint podcast in one web design resource you need to follow or have in your toolbox. Their archive section is filled up with great advice and news about the web industry.

Let’s Make Mistakes

Hosted by Jessie Char and Mike Monteiro, Let’s Make Mistakes is an exciting discussion about design but “…with a lot of tangents along the way.” If you’re a web designer, you don’t want to make the mistake of not listening to Let’s Make Mistakes.

Shoptalk Show

Brought to you by Dave Rupert and Chris Coyier (he of css-tricks.com and Codepen), the Shoptalk Show is silly but entertaining. The hosts are funny and quite knowledgeable.

99% Invisible

Hosted by Roman Mars (@romanmars) among others, 99% Invisible is a much loved design podcast. With over seventeen (17) million downloads, Roman’s show is a popular podcast on iTunes. The 99% Invisible website features a simple and unique design that immediately draws your attention to the latest episode. Bookmark these guys compadre, bookmark 99% Invisible.

Annnd that’s it…

Ten (10) amazing, inspirational and informational web design podcasts that will add so much value to your freelance web design career. Which is your favorite web design podcast? Let’s know in the comments 🙂


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