30 Web Designers You Should Follow on Twitter

Are you looking for a few more web design tweeps to follow on Twitter? If so, you can smile because today’s post is a collection of thirty (30) Twitter accounts you can follow for advice, humor, inspiration ad tools that will make your job easier and more fun. Enjoy and share your favorite accounts in the comments!

A List Apart @alistapart


The official Twitter account of A List Apart, a well-maintained web design blog dedicated to people who make websites.

Cameron Moll @cameronmoll


Cameron Moll, a father of five (5), is the founder of @authenticjobs and maker of @typestructures. He’s a respectable designer and speaker whose Twitter timeline is laden with awesome tips and inspirational tweets for aspiring designers and business owners.

Veerle Pieters @vpieters


With over 190k followers and an undying love for soulful deep house music, Veerle Pieters is a Belgian graphic designer cum developer who shares tips on a number of web design topics including CSS and Photoshop among others.

Paul Boag @boagworld


Paul Boag is the author of Digital Adaptation, co-founder of @headscapeltd and host of the Boagworld Podcast. He helps organizations manage digital change and shares what he learns on @boagworld.

Brian Hoff @behoff


Hoff is a Philadelphia-based designer and founder of Brian Hoff Design. Since July 2008, he has tweeted over nineteen (19) thousand times gaining over forty (40) thousand followers in the process.

Chris coyier @chriscoyier


Chris Coyier brought us CSS-Tricks.com, a cleverly-designed and closely-monitored blog that shares all kinds of CSS tricks any other day. He is one of those awesome people you want to follow right away. He does the HTML and CSS for CodePen, and hosts the @ShopTalkShow podcast.

ReadWrite @RWW


The official and verified Twitter account of ReadWrite.com, which is dedicated to bringing you the latest news, conversations and analysis about all things “…web, tech and social media.” @RWW has over 1.4 million followers.

Smashing Magazine @smashingmag


We all love Smashing Magazine for their awesome web design tutorials and tips. @smashingmag is curated by Vitaly Friedman all the way from Germany.

Jeffrey Zeldman @zeldman


Get web design insight from a top-ranking design professional. Zeldman is the founder of Happy Cog Studios and co-founder of An Event Apart. He is a publisher at A List Apart and author of Designing With Standards. He is the guy with the design tweets you never want to miss.

Ethan Marcotte @beep


Ethan Marcotte alias EEEKan MACABRE is the independent designer who brought us responsive web design. That’s right, were it not for Ethan, we wouldn’t have websites that look great on all devices irrespective of screen width.

Jonathan Snook @snookca


No, he’s not at all related to Snookie. Snook is a web developer and designer who crafted SMACSS.com from the ground up. You will catch him speaking at web design conferences when he’s not making things on the web or hanging out with his kids and cat.

Grace Smith @gracesmith


The other day I tried and miserably failed to get my girlfriend interested in web design. The code scared her, she said. But Grace Smith is from a whole different ballpark. She has a thing for desisn. Grace works @postscript5 and contributes to @mashable regularly.

Tobias van Scneider @schneidertobias


“Magician and head of fun at Spotify, created Authentic Weather App [perhaps because he is always on the run] and @semplicetabs.” – Twitter. Tobias claims he has a way with sarcasm, so you better get used to it.

Janna Hagan @jannalynn


Janna is a Toronto-based web designer and the creator of @hagancreative and @studentwebguide. She designs websites and other pretty things.

Luke Wroblewski @lukew


Based in Silicon Valley, Luke Wroblewski has dedicated his time and energies to humanizing technology. He is the author of Mobile First, Site Seeing, and Web Form and has worked at eBay, NCSA and Yahoo! in the past.

Aral Balkan @aral


Aral is a designer and social entrepreneur who creates independent technologies aimed at protecting our basic freedoms and democracy. He’s currently building ind.ie/phone. Great vision, this guy has.

Jessica Walsh @jessicawalsh


Jessica is a beautiful designer (sagmeisterwalsh.com) and art director in New York city. She believes every design is improvable, love equals oxygen and beauty is part of the function.

Jeff Croft @jcroft


Croft claims he knows nothing in life but to be legit. He is a product designer and developer based in Seattle. He makes websites and mobile apps such as Lendle – a book lending app for kindle.

Jon hicks @Hicksdesign


Jon is a UK-based graphic designer with a soft spot for cheese and cycling. He runs hicksdesign.co.uk with his wife @hicksleigh. He creates icons and other user interface elements.

Mke Rundle @flyosity


Awesome AVI mike. Simply awesome. Rundle is a designer and software engineer and a huge fan of CSS3, animation, dogs, golf and his family.

Daniel Burka @dburka


Daniel spurs well in UX, design and CSS. He loves climing rocks when he is free. Get tweets from the co-founder of Milk Inc and design partner at Google Ventures.

Simon Ashley @simonashley


Coffee aficionado, web solutions expert, web entrepreneur, technologist and systems architect are just some of the phrases that describe Simon Ashley, a UK-based designer.

Russ Adams @RussAdams


Russ is more than just a geek in glasses. He is a dad, a husband and a pastor! Bet you don’t see that coming. He loves green tea and runs RockYourCity.com. Preach Russ, preach!

Chris Kaufman @kauf


Chris holds a couple of sweet-sounding titles to his name. Obviously, he’s a designer otherwise he wouldn’t be on this list. Additionally, he’s an entrepreneur and the co-founder as well as the Chief Creative Officer of @upto. He commands a 200K-strong following and judges books by their covers.

Chris Spooner @chrisspooner


Chris is the guy behind blog.spoongraphics.co.uk. He is a UK-based designer who loves blogging and making pretty pictures on the side.

Six Revisions @sixrevisions


Sixrevisions.com is the everyday source of design tips, news and inspiration for many designers and developers alike.

Ryan Carson @ryancarson


A father and a successful entrepreneur, Ryan Carson is the co-founder and CEO of @treehouse, a reputable online web design school that has produced great designers in recent times.

Michael Wong @mizko


Michael Wong is a young, creative and energetic UI/UX designer and developer based in Sydney, Australia. He shares web design tips and news with over 22k Twitter followers on a regular basis.

Web Design Ledger @webdesignledger


Written by web designers for web designers, Web Design Ledger is the kind of place you want to hangout at now and then.

Bono Calacal @ninjacrunch


Quite some Twitter handle don’t you think? Bono is a web developer, web and graphic designer, WordPress addict and programmer operating from Philippines. He loves music and Anime. Additionally, he’s the guy behind ninjacrunch.com, which is all about web design and art.

Now What…

There is no excuse to have a boring Twitter timeline anymore. Follow as many of these web designers as you can to stay entertained and ahead of the curve at all times. Ciao!

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