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I love free stuff. It could be a free egg gif. No idea what I’ll do with it, but if it’s free, I probably need it. Keep reading to find out some of the best places to get free stuff.


Two of the first places to look are so focused on web design it only makes sense that they’d have awesome and free design resources. Web Designer Depot and Designmodo are both all about web design all the time. Home to a wealth of design knowledge, their freebies sections are loaded with everything including icons, textures, patterns, wireframes, ui kits, backgrounds, infographics and so much more.


Dribbble and DeviantArt are two other great places to find free stuff, but here it’s like a treasure hunt. Just search for anything your little heart desires appended with the word “free”. The quality of some of the freebies that pop up is just amazing. Crazy talented designers, developers and artists give away tons of great resources like psds, Photoshop brushes, vectors, website templates and more.


When it comes to designing websites it’s hard to think outside of the box. That’s where Blaz Robar comes in. His website is full of superior website template psds, plus bunches of other design elements like UI kits, buttons, ribbons, menus and more. He also offers a handful of premium resources which you might want to consider upgrading to at some point.


While mostly known for their WordPress theme, Themefuse also has some great free stuff on their blog. They mostly giveaway free psds (icons, website templates, ui kits, etc), but they’ve also released some useful plugins and backgrounds in the past so there is always the potential that they’ll release more.


If you’re in the market for a psd, make sure to checkout 365psd. They release a new psd each and every day of the year, and they have been for the last three years. And it gets better. You can download their psd packs for years 1-3 (or you can just use the search and download individual psd files).


Another site worth a look is Tempees. They have lots of free resources for Photoshop psds, illustrator vectors, and even HTML/CSS/jQuery creations. If you look through the freebies, some of their downloads are pretty darn impressive – like the purely CSS iphone.


Of course I can’t forget our sister sites. You can always hit up PSDExplorer for some awesome psd freebies to use in your designs. And if you’re looking for a solid theme to lay the groundwork for your new project, WPExplorer is home to many high quality freemium WordPress themes that you can customize to meet your needs.

This list should provide you with a wealth of freebies to use when creating your masterpieces. But there is one last site I want to mention – Symple Web Design! We’re working on building up our free resources. We only want to provide the best freebies that have been expertly coded and are sure to be useful. Sometimes it’s hard to find developers, and if you’d ever want to create a freebie for us just send us a note via our contact form!

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